How it all began…

Posted On 19 May 2021 In Hazel

How it all began... my first quiltHi! Thank you for dropping in.

I’m Hazel and it may surprise you to hear that I used to hate sewing!

I only discovered my passion for patchwork after a riding accident in 2007. I was in a wheelchair for several weeks and very fed up! A couple of friends kindly gave me some patchwork magazines and fabric with the instruction to keep busy! Being determined to achieve something while I healed I started my first quilt! My ‘Sweet Dreams’ quilt is full of mistakes but I still love it. Making it was a very therapeutic process. It helped me so much, both my leg and quilt were full of stitches and pins!

By the time that quilt was finished, I was hooked!

I continued experimenting, gradually developing my own style and designs. I was soon being asked to make things for friends and family, and my hobby slowly grew into a business. I love to use bright colours, it’s maybe a kind of colour therapy! I also have a bit of a ‘thing’ for hearts and stars, you will find them in most of my designs.  We have long, dark winters in Orkney. I love to spend evenings hand finishing your colourful commissions by the roaring fire while watching ‘Poirot’ or ‘Brokenwood Mysteries’.

During the last few years we have renovated two attic rooms into a workshop and studio space. The extra space has allowed me to welcome visitors to my studio. I always enjoy visiting fabric shops when on holiday, they are always such welcoming, homely spaces. These visits inspired me to open my own tiny fabric shop on the island of Stronsay. I love being able to share my passion and enthusiasm for sewing and patchwork locally.

I look forward to welcoming visitors to my studio and shop again soon!                                                       Hazel


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