Personalised patchwork quilts, cushions and gifts

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"So far, Hazel has made 5 quilts for me - they make the perfect keepsake. I honestly can't think of a nicer present, the quilts are so well made and beautiful." - Emma-Jane.


"I got a quilt from my mum as a gift and Hazel made it. I just fell in love with it, she did a fantastic job of it. It's amazing!" - Roxy.

Welcome to Airy Fairy

Hello, I make personalised patchwork quilts, cushions and gifts at my Airy Fairy studio. My bold designs mix traditional patchwork techniques with bright, modern fabrics and colours. The applique details are cut freehand and hand stitched to suit the name and design of each item. This ensures your finished commissions are all unique, hand-made pieces.

Sadly, there are no actual fairies around to help me work. This means there are limited bookings for special commissions, however I can offer a truly one-to-one service and make something especially for you.

Occasionally I have ready-to-go quilts available - these are finished quilts that just need a name.  If you don't have time to wait for a commission, or the confidence to choose fabrics, these are for you.

I also make dresses and waistcoats for children, these can be made to order in your choice of fabrics

You can explore some of my designs here, or find out a bit about me and how I work

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Hazel x