I love to create these personalised items; each one is unique and hand-crafted especially for you. 
While there are no actual fairies to help me work, there is a bit of magic in the creative process.

Each item is lovingly designed and unique.  The letters are cut freehand without templates or sketches to guide me. This method allows me the creative flow to fit letters in and around each other to suit each name and item.  The same technique is used to add more applique details where space allows.  You will see that hearts and stars are a regular feature in my designs.  The letters are hand-sewn in place with blanket stitch in a coordinating thread, this ensures your personalised item will have a beautiful finish. x

If you are interested in a commissioned quilt, cushion etc. please fill in my commissions enquiry form to get a quote. You can have a look in my fabrics gallery to choose the fabrics you’d like me to use before filling in the form.

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