Materials and after care

At Airy Fairy all quilts are made with 100% cotton fabric, wadding and thread. Nothing is pre washed prior to making your unique quilt. The slight shrinkage that occurs during the first wash, combined with the quilting being done on a domestic sewing machine gives the finished Airy Fairy quilts a lovely slightly puckered antique look making them extra cosy and soft.

All Airy Fairy quilts are machine washed using non biological powder before being sent out to customers.

Find out how I make a quilt:

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 A gentle hand wash cycle in a machine washes Airy Fairy quilts nicely. You should line dry your quilts if possible but you could also give them a quick tumble in the drier on a gentle heat to fluff them up.  Airy Fairy quilts can also be ironed with care.  

A photographic log of all Airy Fairy quilts is kept along with fabric samples.  If your quilt gets a stain or damaged it may be possible to disguise or repair it for you. This would obviously depend on the nature and size of the damage but I would do my best! There would be a small fee and postage costs for this service.

Special Commissions

If you would like to order any bespoke items please contact me by email or phone to discuss what you would like.

Please note costs do vary on any bespoke items depending on the materials used and the design chosen.  Some patterns require more fabrics and more time to make. The prices listed on this website are a guide only,  you will be given a quote depending on your requirements, (see Ordering).